Elicit Bazar is an online platform for selling innovative products.

Innovation is magic in itself. Innovators pitch their creativity in such a beautiful way, that watching the innovative product work is so fascinating just like a magic show, but here the illusion is created by their creativity, which doesn’t just entertain but also works to ease the peoples’ lives.

We are surrounded by many innovators and their cool inventions, they build things for peoples’ use and they strive to make peoples’ lives easier by their creativity. But people are unaware of many innovative products that strike market and try to find alternative & unsatisfactory ways to fulfill their needs.

We recognize those creative things and want to show them to the people. And help people find the right products for their needs.  And founded Elicit Bazar, where we provide a platform for new innovative products, to display and help reach the people in need of them.

We at Elicit Bazar strive to provide best quality product, efficient delivery & smooth service regarding the product.

Our mission lies in every product we sell, by placing them in the hands of right people who are in need of them. And satisfy them with our best service.

Our vision is to transform a world into a better place by creating awareness and educating people about the right usage of innovative products and ease their lives.

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